Become BENMAN’s Partner in your Area and Get More Benefits

Why Our Partners have Joined Us:

The kind of Partners
we are looking for:

Building a sales network of long term partnerships

We are looking to expand our Network of Partners, with people who are experts in tools, who have a portfolio of clients, successful sales track record, credentials and they consider themselves the best.
Above all, we are looking for partners with integrity, work ethics, vision and values.
Our goal is to build long-term partnerships that will help us retain our competitive edge and secure profits for both parties.

  • Wholesalers
  • Chain Stores
  • Local Hardware Stores








We manufacture

Our Top Quality Tools are Manufactured in Top
Selected European and Global Factories:

  • Germany
  • Austria
  • England
  • Italy
  • Holland
    • Asia

    The Right Product delivered to the Right Place at the Right Time!

    24 Hours
    Order Execution

    A Combination of Top Performance
    and Reliability in Record Time

    All orders are executed efficiently using our advanced logistics procedures,
    with impressive precision and almost zero omissions.



    Almost 100%
    Stock Availability

    Our goal is the excellent service in product deliveries
    in order to make our clients feel confident and rely on us

    • Our clients can take advantage of the large stock we hold in our warehouse
    • Create space for new products
    • Free up capital

    Order as much
    as you wish!

    Our partners can order the quantity they need, without minimum quantity per item, as often as they wish, from our wide product portfolio

    We gather and carry sufficient stock to fulfil all orders in our  Logistic Centre, from where we can deliver your required product mix directly to your facilities!

    • Cost Effective
    • Frequent Deliveries
    • No Minimum Quantity per Item
    • Wide Product Range
    • Stock Availability

    Working with
    BENMAN is easy

    Continuous support from our dedicated
    sales team ready to address all your queries

    Contact our sales team 12h per day to:

    • Get a quote within 24 hours
    • Place an order using our Online B2B Ordering System
    • Receive updates on your current orders
    • Communicate with your Personal Account Manager

    Ask for a Quote

    We Create your Own, Customized Product Catalogue
    for your Sales Team and Customers

    Give your customer
    the perfect catalogue
    & increase your Sales!

    Your customised catalogue will include:

    • Your company’s information
    • Your company’s logo
    • Your preferred design
    • Your products information

    Your Double Edition
    Product Catalogue


    Customer Edition

    Product Catalogue

    The customer edition is a striking presentation book, designed
    to help you build awareness of your business in your area.


    Sales Edition

    Product Catalogue

    The sales edition allows your sales team to compare our products and prices with those of our competitors, increasing efficiency and productivity.

    Delivering Complete & Customized Solutions